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Earth-Crafted Virgin Water

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You Can Get Our Earth-Crafted Water

Want to taste the difference that a natural spring water provides? Our water contains essential electrolytes such as magnesium, calcium, and potassium. These minerals not only make our bottled artesian water taste great, they keep you healthy, too!

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Natural pH Water

OZ Water has a naturally occurring pH of 7.4. Many other water brands must to be treated to reach this pH level. OZ Water comes from the Earth naturally that way.

Why Oz Water?

Check out our FAQ section for answers to your water quality questions such as: pH, the source of our water, minerals, electrolytes, BPAs, and shelf life.


Virgin Water

How does OZ Water get its natural pH? Mother-nature herself crafts this water in a place so pristine humans have never set foot there or even seen it. Whether you want to call it bottled artesian water or deep aquifer water, one thing is for sure, our water is superior and selected by nature itself.


That’s Good for You

We require water to live our lives. Not just any water will do, though. The best water is not only refreshing, it also nourishes our bodies. OZ Water contains electrolytes and minerals which your body needs to not only live but thrive. These elements combined with our water’s untouched source create the perfect blend to produce a natural pH water which is satisfying. Drop us a line when you’re ready to taste the difference.

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