Our Water

Earth Crafted Virgin Water

It all starts at the source.  Protected and preserved, OZ is found 2,000 feet below America’s heartland at a source so pristine it has not seen light for 37,000 years. Crafted by Mother Nature into the perfect formula required for a balanced body with no modification or additives needed. Unique, untouched, and pure.

Perfection – Naturally

The acidity or alkalinity of a substance is measured using pH.  The pH scale runs from 0 to 14, with 0 being the most acidic, 14 being the most alkaline, and 7 being pH neutral.  To survive, our bodies must maintain the pH as close to 7.4 as possible.  The first line of defense against disease is a proper pH balance. If your body’s pH varies from this ideal 7.4, it becomes difficult for various enzymes to function properly.  With a natural pH of 7.4, OZ is crafted to perfection.  If that weren’t enough, electrolytes like Calcium and Magnesium that your body craves occur naturally in OZ as well.  When you include over 37,000 untouched years of earth’s natural filtration process, OZ is simply crafted by earth itself.  Unique, untouched, and pure. Earth Crafted Virgin Water”